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After various specialists he was still having issues, I felt something more was going on. I heard about CNNH and brought Leo for HD-EEG testing. It didn’t take them long to find out that he has a special form of epilepsy…

— Jackie D.

The service we received was above and beyond what we expected. Brady’s previous diagnosis of autism from another institution was narrowed to PDD and he began a weekly ABA therapy program and has been involved in numerous social groups to encourage his growth and social interactions with peers. The great thing about CNNH is it allows him to grow and offers new opportunities to assist him in his maturity. Brady now talks continuously, is so happy and interacts with other children all the time!

— Karen F.

After just six months of CNNH Behavior and Creative Arts Therapies, Leo maintains strong eye contact, is able to speak (a lot!), make his wants and needs known, toilet independently and greet others. Most importantly, Leo is able to follow directions and stand still. No words can emotionally capture the gratitude we have for the CNNH team. Because of their dedication toward Leo’s success, anything is possible regarding our son’s future!

— Leo

The CNNH team was able to “think outside the box” and prescribe a comprehensive treatment plan that really works, both at home and in school. In addition, they found that anxiety in our family was not just a psychological problem, but had neurological and genetic causes that were treatable. Thus, the visit for my son also changed and dramatically improved my daughter’s and my life!”

— Jamie

At 10 years old Wayne was diagnosed with Asperger’s, the meltdowns were frequent. Through the tears and heartache CNNH has been there to help form the incredible son I have today. He has bloomed into a kind, smart, sweet, and well-balanced child. Without CNNH this could never have happened.

— Mellisa C.

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