The Value of a Neuropsychological Evaluation


Presented by: Michelle Humm, PhD, Neuropsychologist at CNNH

A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation may be recommended by a neurologist, pediatrician, or Child Study Team to measure a child’s intellectual and academic abilities, information processing, learning and memory, attention and executive functioning, and other relevant cognitive skills. It might also address social, emotional, and/or behavioral concerns. A variety of assessments are used to collect these data, depending on the specific referral question. This webinar recording addresses what to expect from a neuropsychological evaluation, how a neuropsychologist evaluates these abilities, the value of neuropsychological assessments for children and adolescents, and what doctors, educators, and parents can learn from them.

“Wisdom from Wall” is a Webinar series presented by our clinicians at the CNNH – Wall Township office in an effort to showcase the wonderful staff we have working at that location.

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