Elizabeth McHugh, PhD

Post-Doctoral Resident

    Elizabeth McHugh, Ph.D. received her Doctorate in School Psychology from Lehigh University. During this time she completed advanced training in behavioral interventions, consultation, and psychological assessments. Dr. McHugh completed much of her training working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). During her pre-doctoral internship, Dr. McHugh worked at the Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research at University of Pennsylvania. During her internship she completed comprehensive assessments at the Penn Autism Clinic and served as a consultant to first-year autism support teachers in the School District of Philadelphia. During this time, she coached teachers in providing evidence-based practices for children with ASD such as pivotal response training, discrete trial, and functional routines. This experience has sparked a particular interest in teaching families and professionals in the field foundational techniques to support children with autism through presentations at national conferences and conducting professional development seminars in school districts.

    Dr. McHugh is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Neuropsychology with CNNH. She continues to provide comprehensive neuropsychological and neurodevelopmental assessments to CNNH patients and their families.