Michael Lahoud

Business Strategies Consultant

    Michael J. Lahoud launched his successful business career after an opportunity to become a professional baseball player with the Kansas City Royals was cut short by a career-ending injury. With an athletic career no longer an option, Michael decided to form MJL Management Company, which owned and operated high end health spas in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Nevada. After seven years of growth, the spas were sold at a significant profit. In 1986, Michael drew on the management expertise gained through his first venture, branching out into physician practice management. He developed a very large and diversified company that included practice consulting, surgery center development and management, and real estate management. In 1994, the company decided to focus on medical business consulting, specifically private practices and surgery centers. In the 30 years since Michael entered the practice management field, he has enhanced the success of practices around the country by increasing efficiency and profitability and enabling physicians to intensify their focus on patient care.