Affiliations and Collaborations

CNNH is a resource to a variety of community organizations through academic appointments, research collaborations, clinical activities, and teaching/mentoring. In many cases CNNH works directly in the community providing consultation and care to agencies and schools. We also support organizations through memberships and ongoing education/training.

CNNH collaborates with many community organizations to provide care and consultation, including:

CNNH is or has been affiliated or associated with many academic and research institutions, including:

CNNH collaborates with and consults for various human services and medical device companies, including:

We also provide evaluations and consultations for the Child Study Teams of over 35 school districts, and many county Care Management Organizations; various Early Intervention Programs; New Jersey and national governmental and private agencies and organizations; and private Specialized Schools and Residential Facilities.

CNNH recently teamed up with Hamilton Township School District in Atlantic County to support a specialized autism classroom in the district. CNNH will offer clinical consultation and collaborate on individualized curriculum development and teacher training.

CNNH and staff support the following advocacy groups and organizations through memberships/sponsorships/collaborations, including:

CNNH is a member of: