Behavior Analysts Offer Quick Homework Tips

Having trouble getting your child motived to their homework?

Try these quick homework tips:

  • Offer Choices – Kids love to know they have some of the decision-making abilities. Allow your child to pick which subject he wants to complete first.
  • Allow Time for Breaks- Nobody wants to do more work when they get home. Offer opportunities to take a short break, especially during those not-so fun subjects!
  • Monitor progress- Homework should be completed in an area that has only minimum distractions, but a bedroom may not be the best area for your child. Have a consistent area in the home in which you can monitor your child’s progress and be available to offer help when needed.
  • Motivate- Have something fun available after your child has completed his homework. This may include taking a walk, playing outside in the yard, watching a TV show, or playing a game with family members.