CNNH Presents Research Findings at Autism Research Summit


Article Excerpt from “State’s First Summit on Autism Aims to Broaden Definition” by Briana Vannozzi – NJTV News:

A broader definition of autism, it’s a change researchers agree was needed.

“These individuals with autism have many different different reasons why they have this common final pathway to developmental issues and behavioral problems,” said Dr. Mark Mintz, President and CEO for the Center for Neurological and Neurodevelopmental Health.

And these doctors and families want to know why. This statewide summit on the autism spectrum disorder — held at Montclair State University — brought together some of the state’s leading minds to present the latest research.

“The problem with autism is you can make a diagnosis for autism without regard to what causes it from a biological perspective. So our research is really trying to understand the biological causes and contributions to autism spectrum disorders,” Mintz said.

Genetic sequences and DNA patterns were a big topic today. Researchers say they’ve found that the features of autism share many genetic similarities with other neurological disorders.

“If we approach the behaviors more as a neurological disorder, than the treatments might be total different,” Mintz said.