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Week of July 8th through Week of August 19th
Addressing each child’s behavioral goals while encouraging social skills within a functional, natural environment.


Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs)

  • Our BCBAs have extensive education and experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, Special Education, Behavioral Psychology, Autism, Developmental Delays, ADHD, and other diagnosis.
  • BCBAs conduct Initial Behavior Assessments, Functional Behavior Assessments, develop and oversee ABA therapy programming, provide on-going parent consultation, and school consultation.

RBTs and ABA Therapists

  • RBTs and ABA therapists provide direct ABA therapy services overseen by a BCBA supervisor.
  • Services delivered by include discrete trial teaching, pivotal response training, social skills training, functional communication, self-care, daily living skills, and community skills.

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90-minute face to face meeting with one of our BCBAs in our CNNH office to address concerns related to maladaptive behavior, developmental delays, eating, sleeping, school concerns, etc. This assessment will aide in determining the most appropriate course of treatment for the individual in need.

60-minute face to face meeting with the BCBA who conducted your initial assessment to review recommendations, data, and materials that may be apart of your family member’s program.

Direct 1:1 therapy services with an RBT/ABA therapist in your home or in the CNNH office. Frequency of sessions, length of sessions, and location of sessions will be determined following the Initial Behavior Assessment.

For individuals with behavioral issues, CNNH clinicians may recommend Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA is an empirically based therapy placing emphasis on functional skills that are meaningful in day-to-day life.  It utilizes reinforcement in structured and natural environments to help individuals learn new skills.  Skills that are addressed range from simple to complex and are individualized to meet the needs of the individual participating in the program. Goals are broken down into smaller measurable units using discrete trial, pivotal response training, incidental teaching, and natural environment teaching to foster pre-academic and academic skills, social skills, self-care skills, language and communication.

60-90 minute individualized group therapy session comprised of 2 -4 individuals working towards similar social skills goals. Groups are conducted by RBTs/ABA therapists under the supervision of a BCBA.

30-60 minute direct 1:1 therapy services with an RBT/ABA therapist under the supervision of a BCBA t at the CNNH facility in the form of exposure therapy to medical procedures that include EEG and lab work. Provides patients with sensory needs an opportunity to become exposed to necessary medical procedures in the absence of aversive measures.

Direct observation of an individual in a school or vocational setting conducted by a BCBA. Purpose of an FBA is to gather data on the function and maintenance of behavior leading to an individualized behavior support plan.

60-minute face to face meeting with the BCBA with parent/caregiver on a monthly/bi-monthly bases to provide strategies and on-going support regarding their family members behavioral needs.

Contracted services in which the BCBA and RBT/ABA therapists collaborate with you’re a Child Study Team / School District to provide behavior staffing in the form of 1:1 student support, classroom/district wide consultation, functional behavior assessments, and more! Visit our School District Services page >

Contracted service in which the BCBA and behavior team provide districts with invidualized workshops to meet professional development needs. Topics may include but are not limited to Autism, ABA Strategies and the Classroom, Positive Behavioral Supports, Functional Communication, Discrete Trial and Pivotal Response Training, Staff Effectiveness and more! Visit our School District Services page >

Accepted Insurances

  • AmeriHealth Health
  • AmeriHealth Administrators
  • Horizon/Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Qualcare
  • Keystone
  • Independence Blue Cross/Personal Choice
  • Insurance Administrators of America (IAA)

*Please note insurance coverage for ABA services is only covered for individuals who have an Autism diagnosis and whose plan includes the Autism/ABA Benefit. For questions or additional information please contact the Behavior Department.

Non-covered Fee Schedules
Behavior services are available and accessible for all individuals who are appropriate for the services, regardless of diagnosis or insurance coverage. For additional information please contact the Behavior Department.

Behavior In-Office Services are currently available in our Voorhees location

Behavior Mission Statement

1. We believe in a collaborative consultative approach that includes parents, caregivers, members of the school team and clinicians.

2. We deliver quality services via credentialed, certified and trained professionals and believe in both consistency and continuity of care when it comes to treatment.

3. We use evidence based, data driven, naturalistic, and practical approaches to develop social, academic, and daily living skills in office, home and community settings.

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