CNNH is able to respond to patients’ unique and personalized needs to ensure patients the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan possible. One exciting part of personalized medicine has been the explosion in genetic testing technologies. Now, sometimes with only a saliva sample, thousands of genes can be assessed, yielding information ranging from the causes and contributors of neurological disease to how medications are metabolized.

As part of our personalized medical care, CNNH clinicians can test a patient’s pharmacogenomics, or how a person’s individual DNA may affect their response to medications, to pinpoint an individual’s response to various medications. This profile helps CNNH clinicians assess the most appropriate medication and dosage, if needed, before prescribing them for disorders such as ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other concerns.

Often times, drug selection and dosing with medications is a trial and error process. Having this level of clinical “intelligence” about a patient’s genetic profile removes the guess work in prescribing medication and reduces frustration, money and time spent on trial-and-error methods and added stress for patients. At CNNH, we feel that having this “intelligence” is vital to our patients’ success, and therefore, vital to our success.

“They found that anxiety in our family was not just a psychological problem, but had neurological and genetic causes that were treatable.”

— Anonymous

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