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HD-EEG Ends Her Struggles With Epilepsy

Comprehensive Evaluations

The clinical neurological evaluation is an important and essential component of the assessment of individuals with neurological, neurobehavioral, neuropsychiatric or neurodevelopmental symptoms or signs. Clinical neurological evaluations performed by our expert and board certified staff will assist you in determining if there is an underlying neurological or medical cause for your or your child’s condition or illness. Our neurological assessments are very comprehensive, and include a discussion of the presenting problems and concerns; review of past medical, neurological, neuropsychiatric and educational difficulties and issues; abstraction of pertinent past medical and other records; complete physical and neurological examination; discussion concerning our clinical findings and diagnostic impressions; suggestions for further diagnostic testing; outline of treatment recommendations; and a comprehensive written report. As important as the initial evaluation might be, just as important is the ongoing continuity of care through periodic follow-up visits and continuous access to our interdisciplinary team of expert professionals.

Neurological Testing

Just as a cardiologist has many technological tools to non-invasively look at the heart, at CNNH we utilize advanced neurotechnology to assess the function of the brain. These include High Density Electroencephalography (HD-EEG, or “resting HD-EEG”) and dense array event related potentials (dERP, or “active task HD-EEG”), computerized assessments of attention and vigilance (Quotient ADHD System, Mindstreams), and computerized assessments of concussion (ImPACT). Furthermore, our team of neuropsychologists utilizes gold standard assessment instruments to determine neurodevelopmental, cognitive, intellectual, memory, emotional and motor functioning. If our neurologists determine it is necessary to look at brain structure, we will refer you or your child for brain imaging (MRI, CT, and more). Or, depending on our findings, we may refer you or your child to another specialist, such as a neurosurgeon, endocrinologist, allergist, or other professional.

Individualized Treatment

It is our philosophy of medical care to look for underlying biological triggers of neurological disorders and neurodevelopmental disabilities, and provide treatments targeted to underlying causes and mechanisms. In some cases, a definitive cause remains elusive, so that treatments are directed at reducing symptoms. In all cases, we take a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, and optimize non-pharmacological interventions prior to any medication trials. Non-drug treatments include:

Medications can be important in select cases, and may also facilitate other therapies, but are usually provided adjunctively as part of a comprehensive and multimodal treatment package.

“I felt that my son was treated as a WHOLE person – all of his issues were listened to and a next course of action, a personalized plan, was put in place.”

— Anonymous

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