CNNH recognizes that patients and collaborating professionals may need to access specialized neurological consultation at a moment’s notice, after business hours or without the burden and expense of traveling many miles. With the help of today’s technology and our commitment to incorporating technological advances into our practice, we can now communicate with our patients and colleagues remotely.

Remote Neurology Consultations

We are also using technology to collaborate with other professionals,reducing costs and increasing productivity. The opportunities for implementing technology to make neurological consultation more efficient and effective is endless and CNNH will be searching for ways to make it accessible in our practice. Stay tuned to this page for future expansion of our telemedicine services.

CNNH NeuroGenomics Program

This is a “peer-to-peer” program to confer and consult directly with health care providers, in order to arm them with the information to better manage their patients and achieve successful outcomes. The Program’s Director, Richard G. Boles, M.D., is an internationally recognized medical geneticist and expert in mitochondrial medicine. The Program will schedule a remote teleconference with Dr. Boles. During this session, Dr. Boles will review in more detail the clinical history and findings of your patient, and then review with you any significant genetic findings. Learn more about the CNNH NeuroGenomics Program here…

“We appreciate that CNNH offered the opportunity for continuous consultation with the aid of telemedicine, since their are limited facilities in Italy for our needs.”

— Marie-Lyne W. from Italy

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