CNNH Stories: Adam

“We are so thankful to have been referred to CNNH to help care for and finally treat our son Adam’s complex neurological issues!

Our journey started around the age of 3 when we began seeing a Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician due to hyper-activity and aggression. Starting around 5 ½, he began having both vocal and motor tics. As Adam became school age, we also began to further understand his learning disability and other issues related to his condition.

We began experimenting with medications under another doctor’s care, but considering the side effects, we were not seeing much improvement or benefit. This went on for more than four years, and about 15 different medications. We saw four different neurologists, three psychologists, psychiatrists, including going as far as Rochester, NY, which is 350 miles away from our home in hopes of finding a doctor that could help us. Finally, we were referred to CNNH.

The first visit with the CNNH Neurologist, he took saliva samples for several genetic tests, the goal being to “peel back the layers” to better understand Adam. The first test was to see what medications could be used, and the second was looking at genetic factors that could be causing some of our son’s behaviors.

After nearly two years under CNNH’s care, our son is much more stable and able to interact with our family and his peers! The CNNH Neurologist was not only a doctor with an amazing bedside manner, but a scientist using data to make decisions in our son’s treatment. They made our family so confident we are getting the best possible care, and while in the office with them, we feel like we are their only patient.

The entire staff at CNNH is excellent. Every call and every email is answered expediently and no request goes unanswered. The right care means so much to parents of children with disabilities, we are so grateful to be a part of CNNH’s community!”

Bruce and Dorothy R.