CNNH Stories: Brady

“Brady is our fourth boy and we noticed some substantial differences in his maturing as compared to our other boys. He wouldn’t respond when we spoke to him. He wouldn’t even turn his head. We took him to an audiologist thinking he was deaf (at least hard of hearing). He passed that test. Another problem we noticed was his lack of speech. He was only 18 months old but he didn’t utter a word. He also would go into “his own world” spinning around and around endlessly and flapping his hands in the air for no reason.

We first took him to a major children’s hospital in the city. They diagnosed him with Autism and said we might be able to begin therapy in six months.

We had a friend recommend CNNH. We called them and got an appointment in only two weeks. Not only did they provide prompt treatment, the service we received was above and beyond what we expected. The CNNH neuropsychologist narrowed Brady’s diagnosis down to PDD. He began a weekly ABA therapy program and has been involved in numerous social groups to encourage his growth and social interactions with peers. The great thing about CNNH is it allows him to grow and offers new opportunities to assist him in his maturity.

Brady now talks continuously, is so happy and interacts with other children all the time. Even though Brady has improved a lot, he still has further growth potential. A great partner like CNNH will help Brady to develop to the highest level possible. Brady has come so far and I always want to brag about him!”

-Karen F.