CNNH Stories: Jamie

“When my son Jamie entered sixth grade – middle school – things sort of fell apart. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know what it was or what to do about it.

We tried going to several professionals, but without any progress or improvement. I asked my pediatrician what I should do, and they recommended CNNH. After performing comprehensive neurological and neuropsychological evaluations, the CNNH professional team “peeled back the layers” until they found what was causing my son’s distress. Using information they obtained from my son’s medical history, learning and thinking styles, and specialized brain and genetic testing, the CNNH team was able to “think outside the box” and prescribe a comprehensive treatment plan that really works, both at home and in school!

In addition, they found that anxiety in our family was not just a psychological problem, but had neurological and genetic causes that were treatable. Thus, the visit for my son also changed and dramatically improved my daughter’s and my life!”