CNNH Stories: Julie

“For nearly a year my 16 yr old son has suffered from constant debilitating headaches. He’s been unable to attend school due to the pain and difficulty concentrating. We visited three different neurologists to find answers, and always ended up with the same recommendation: push through the pain. But that wasn’t an acceptable treatment plan for our family. We became more determined than ever to find answers.

After doing additional Internet research I learned CNNH treats headaches. I had previously thought CNNH just treated children with developmental disabilities and brain injuries. But I found out they also have a comprehensive headache program. After speaking with other medical professionals in the area, I learned that CNNH has a team of experts who might look deeper for underlying causes of my son’s symptoms. That was exactly what we’d hoped for.

The CNNH neurologist we met with spent nearly two hours with us discussing my son’s symptoms and medical history. He even brought in an adult neurologist working with the practice to collaborate. They listened carefully to all the details we shared. Both doctors asked relevant, yet ‘outside the box’ questions that renewed my confidence in the process.

My son’s doctor said that he would take a multi-pronged approach to find the cause of the headaches, rather than simply treat my son’s symptoms. He suggested possible causes, and he made both diagnostic and treatment recommendations that no other doctor had mentioned before. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like we finally had a solid plan for approaching the problem. That first visit renewed my hope that my son would find relief.

As we have embarked on our plan, I’ve also discovered that CNNH does not cut corners on quality, service or care. They have invested in top technology and professional, compassionate staff.

I finally found a partner in caring for my son and finding him relief. I am grateful to the team of professionals at CNNH for partnering with us on this journey, and I feel confident that together we will find the best course of action to help my son return to a happy, active life!”

-Julie W., Cherry Hill, NJ