CNNH Stories: Leo

“I took Leo to various neurologists, pediatricians and therapists. One of them told me he had something called sensory processing disorder, which meant he had a very immature functioning system. In Leo’s case, he had a very high pain tolerance; if he hit his head on something, he wouldn’t feel it. After a while, even after I followed the proper instructions for their therapies, he was still having issues. I knew something wasn’t quite right. I felt something more was going on. I needed to find out what that was.

I heard about CNNH and brought Leo for an evaluation. It didn’t take the CNNH team long to find out that Leo has a form of epilepsy. He has spikes in his brain that make him feel nauseous, panicky, clammy, and make his heart race. He doesn’t have seizures like you’d imagine those with epilepsy have; he is still conscious, but he says that he starts feeling differently. Sometimes he sees spots that could last two to five minutes. A lot of that is brought on by his being photosensitive. That’s what happens when the right and left sides of the brain aren’t communicating. It’s difficult, but at least we know what it is and how to treat it, thanks to everybody at CNNH!”

-Sue H.