CNNH Stories: Ronnie

“My son, Ronnie, has been a patient of our neurologist for the past twenty-one years. Our first visit was when he was just three months old. Our neurologist was gentle, yet very direct about the journey we would be taking with our son and his need for ongoing supports and treatments. We were grateful to have the facts and a knowledgeable “partner” in Ronnie’s care.

Twenty-one years later we can reflect back and realize what a special doctor we have had. He is the whole package: knowledgeable, intelligent, kind, respectful, and he’s a great listener. He doesn’t randomly guess at his recommendations, nor does he use a trial-and-error treatment approach. He takes his time and does his research. He really knows his stuff. There is never a need for us to seek a second opinion. And if that isn’t enough, he is also so kind and considerate. I don’t call him often but when I do he returns my call immediately. He really listens to me (he also let’s me vent when I need to!). And, now that my son is an adult, he takes time to find out how he is feeling and address his concerns. He has even visited my son in the hospital. We consider our neurologist an extension of our own family and we feel cared for like we are part of his family.

When our neurologist joined the CNNH team, our experience was very positive. The CNNH team go far beyond what I would ever expect from a physician’s practice. From the minute we walk through the door at CNNH my son and I feel so welcome. The receptionist is so pleasant and spends time interacting with my son. And when I contact the scheduling department to make a change, they are accommodating and understanding about my circumstances. I have worked in the healthcare industry for many years so I know how challenging it can be to keep up with so many patient requests. The team at CNNH is always willing to go out of their way to help me. And, even though I have options through my employer’s health care plan, we chose to continue with CNNH because of the value of the services we receive. For that I am so thankful!”

Christine S.
Ocean, NJ