CNNH Stories: Wayne

“Everyone has heard the saying a picture speaks a thousand words. Some pictures speak infiniteness. In a high school auditorium I hear the name of ny son being called for the Junior National Honor Society. I have tears coming from my eyes and for once they are not tears of sadness, they are tears of joy.

My son Wayne has a multitude of neurological issues that he deals with on a daily basis. However he never lets them stop him from doing anything. He has always been in a main stream/special education department of our hometown school system. My son was diagnosed with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia in Kindergarten. So as a team we worked through the struggles that came along with it. He learned to deal with it and excelled. Next came the dreaded diagnosis at 10 years old of Asperger’s on the Autism Spectrum. The meltdowns were frequent and seemed to last forever. Again my son was surrounded by an incredible group of people at CNNH who helped our family and his teachers at every turn, good or bad. As a teenager came the next prognosis of Sleep Phase Disorder. Yet again this wonder group of people at CNNH stepped in for him and stood behind him no matter what.

From the moment we walked though the doors at CNNH, they treated us with the upmost of respect and support. It never wavered no matter what came up for my son. Through the tears, heartache and now one of the most wonderful things, they have been a part of forming the incredible son I have now. We have good days and bad days but through thick and thin, I know I am never alone. They are only a phone call away. They go above and beyond and back again. There is no way for me to really thank them for all they do, but if any of those wonderful people needed anything from me I would not hesitate to be there, like they have been for my son Wayne. He has bloomed into a kind, smart, sweet and well-balanced child. Without them this could not have happened. Endless amount of thanks goes out to them from me. As Wayne walks across the stage to receive such a prestigious honor, I hope they know they were an enormous part of making this picture come true!”

Sincerely Yours,
– Mrs. Corson