Executive Dysfunction and Academic Performance


This Webinar Recorded on November 16th, 2017 as part of our “Wisdom from Wall” series.

Presented by: Hilary Murphy, PhD, Neuropsychologist at CNNH

Executive functioning is an umbrella term encompassing a myriad of individual skills necessary for academic success and self-sufficiency. Weaknesses in these areas often manifest most prominently in late childhood and early adolescence and present as a challenge for parents and educators, alike. Although executive functioning has been an area of increasing interest in education, psychology, and the general media, it is often unclear how this skill set relates to school performance and everyday functioning. This webinar will focus on reviewing the specific abilities subsumed under the term “executive functioning” as well as the educational and functional implications of deficits in these areas. In addition, a brief review of interventions and strategies for addressing these difficulties will be provided.

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