Patient FAQ

The brain controls and influences many bodily functions, so if the brain is sluggish or ill, your entire health balance and equilibrium can be impaired. By properly caring for your brain and maintaining healthy brain function you may actually prevent depression and injury leading to emergency room visits, mental health issues and general frustration.
If you have concerns about your present neurological health or brain function, there are a number of non-invasive ways to find out if there is a problem. Clinical neurological or neuropsychiatric evaluations and examinations are a foundation of such a process, and neuropsychological evaluations and testing can provide quantitative and objective information. Further non-invasive testing might include neurophysiological measures, such as High Density Electroencephalography (HD-EEG) or event-related potentials (dERP) providing real time analysis of brain cell functioning and brain “processing” of visual and auditory information, computerized assessments such as ImPACT for concussions and Quotient for ADHD, images of the brain with technologies like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and more…

The brain is a complex organ…and issues related to the brain can be complex to diagnose. CNNH takes a unique approach to addressing these complexities by using a “Specialty Care Medical Home®” model of care. Individuals and their families come to CNNH because they want customized care, including individualized and thorough evaluations, accurate diagnosis and targeted treatments which lead to positive outcomes. CNNH’s approach removes the hassle of running around to different specialists and the worry associated with interpreting results or communicating one doctors’ opinion to another doctor. We have brought all of the specialists necessary to evaluate a neurological concern together – under one roof – to investigate patients’ neurologic concerns from different perspectives. See real success stories of actual CNNH patients at our CNNH Champions page.

At CNNH we begin our patient relationship by taking the time necessary to understand all of a patient’s concerns, symptoms and needs in order to make an accurate assessment and treatment plan.
While many specialists may be involved with making evaluations to collect this information, only one specialist conducts the first visit and coordinates the care. At CNNH the neurology team is usually the first point of contact. A typical initial appointment is scheduled for 90 minutes with the neurologist, and in some cases, an advanced practice nurse.

The neurology team interviews the patient or the patient’s family, taking a complete and original medical history, reviewing the new patient packet, and considering the presenting symptoms and concerns from a medical perspective. Specifically, a neurology exam includes assessing:

▪ the head and neck,
▪ the skin,
▪ physical features,
▪ dysmorphia,
▪ bruits,
▪ speech and language,
▪ cranial nerve functioning,
▪ growth and fine motor strength,
▪ cerebellar functioning, and
▪ sensory functioning.

Based on this exam, the neurology specialist may refer the patient to another CNNH specialist for further evaluation. If appropriate, the patient may be also be recommended to return to the neurology team rather than see other clinicians. In some cases, where the results of the initial exam do not warrant further testing, the patient may be discharged.

Since each patient is unique, each patient of CNNH receives a different evaluation and treatment plan: our services are extensive, but only one combination is right for each individual patient.

In our Specialty Care Medical Home™ model of care, we call these individualized combinations of evaluations and treatments “clinical pathways” as each patient will see a unique combination of clinicians in order to receive the best outcome.

After the initial appointment, a patient may be referred for additional evaluation, testing and treatment from CNNH specialists in:

Neurodiagnostic Technologies
Creative Arts
Social Skills
Sleep Medicine

Recommendations for further evaluation are tailored to the individual patient based on results from the initial neurological visit. Most of the evaluation services a patient might need can be conducted at CNNH by an interdisciplinary team of specialists, including:
Behavior analysts
Creative arts analysts
Cognitive rehabilitation therapists
Cognitive behavior therapists
Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Once we have collected all of the data from the evaluations our clinicians sit together to discuss the findings, propose viewpoints and consider every possibility.

This team meets weekly – together in the same room – to confer and collaborate on patient cases in order to review symptoms, examine evaluations and offer a well-developed and unfragmented diagnosis. Of course, this team also makes time throughout each day to discuss and confer on patients, as needed.

Once the team has a diagnosis plan prepared, the patient returns for a follow-up visit with the neurologist and/or any other specialist who was involved with the consultation.

Once a diagnosis is offered, our team recommends an individualized and targeted treatment plan. Our goal is to find the perfect balance between medication therapies, if needed, and other holistic treatment options to optimize patient outcomes. In many cases we are able to monitor the appropriate ratio of medication to alternative therapies with precision diagnostic tools, including:

High Density EEG
ADHD Quotient/Mindstreams
ImPACT Concussion
Some alternative therapies may include:

Behavior therapy
Creative arts therapy
Cognitive rehabilitation therapy
Cognitive behavior therapy (group or individual)
CNNH is also available to work with patients in a variety of community-based settings to implement a treatment plan, including schools, work, and home.

In some cases we will ask to see patients back for follow-up neurology appointments, as needed, to monitor blood work and offer medication management.

Ultimately, our goal at CNNH is to cause real, positive outcomes in performance and quality of life for patients of all ages and their families. Our philosophy of care is to provide seamless care with a compassionate team of experts, ensuring that we reach this goal.