CNNH Success Stories

Additional Testimonials

“I felt that my son was treated as a WHOLE person – all of his issues were listened to and a next course of action, a personalized plan, was put in place.”

— Anonymous

“Life before CNNH was pretty hectic and stressful, it was really a tough time in our lives. Ever since we have been coming to CNNH is has been like night and day. My daughter actually has a quality of life and she’s a happy little girl!”

— Jaime F.

“My husband and I walked out of our evaluation with the feeling that we FINALLY found a place that will take the necessary time with us and our child!”

— Anonymous

“I am impressed with the comprehensive services offered at CNNH. I have previously taken my son to a different provider and left with several packets on places and people to contact for further care. At CNNH, I feel like the “solution” and follow-up all occurs at the same institution which is very helpful and comforting.”

— Anonymous

“I Love CNNH. I feel very comfortable bringing all three of my children here for a variety of services. I constantly brag to my friends and family about how amazing this place is!! I always feel welcome..never feel rushed…everyone is always so helpful to me…responses are quick…I love this place!”

— Jen H.

“We left CNNH with a great big sigh, because there was a sense of hope and peace that we were in the right place to continue our journey.”

— Anonymous

“Before CNNH, my son’s progress was practically nonexistent. Now that he has started therapy, we see improvement every day!”

— Ellen A.

“Before CNNH, our daughter couldn’t communicate with us, she screamed a lot and she would actually bang her head against the wall because she was frustrated and couldn’t talk. Now she is interacting with other children, is age appropriate and she’s where she needs to be!”

— Jennifer C.

“In my experiences there to date, all of the interactions with the staff have been positive and thoughtful. I feel like this is a partnership, which it should be.”

— Anonymous

I could not have anticipated such a calming atmosphere when I took my son in for a High Density EEG. The minute we walked through the door, any apprehension we may have had went away. The technician told my son everything that was going to happen and even let him touch the equipment. We knew something wasn’t right, but we had no idea our son was having seizures. We were so relieved to have access to HD-EEG to finally affirm our concerns. I recommend CNNH to anyone struggling with a child who has neurological, psychiatric and/or psychological concerns. Two of our children are relieved to be under such care.

— Cindy A.

Our son had been diagnosed in Italy as being on the Autism Spectrum last November, but we wanted a second opinion on the diagnosis and since we have family in America, we searched for a facility and found CNNH. We have been very touched and impressed with the manner in which CNNH handled our case. We were only in the US for two weeks but the CNNH staff were able to undertake all the assessments needed to make a full evaluation of Alexander’s case. This included referring us to a specialty provider and ensuring that we were able to be seen within such a short notice. Having read about autism testing and evaluation, we realize how difficult it is to get all these tests done within such a short period and greatly appreciate the effort made by everyone to accommodate us and make us most welcome as we go though this process with our son. We also appreciate the valuable advice provided to us by the various doctors we interacted with, going beyond just evaluation. We realize it is going to be a long process but we are confident of success. We appreciate that CNNH offered the opportunity for continuous consultation with the aid of telemedicine, since there are limited facilities in Italy for our needs.

— Marie-Lyne W. from Italy

The entire CNNH team shows enormous professionalism and an overwhelming amount of passion for what they do! The staff is so friendly and welcoming. The time that my son has spent at his cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, we have seen nothing but positive change in him. As well as his school teachers and tutors! So much change that my son truly loves to come to his sessions, he looks forward to it! He has learned to be more confident and has greater self control with a lot less overwhelming feeling and frustration. To see my son in such a happier, healthier state is “PRICELESS”!

— Chantelle M.

My 4yo son with Autism … has shown such tremendous progress in his ability to work together, lead and follow. His ability to maintain focus and keep attention to the task at hand has gone from less than 2 minutes to 20 minutes (longer some days!!). He loves his music therapist as well. Her attention and dedication to his development and success is evident at every appointment. My 6yo son has been attending music therapy and looks forward to it every week. We are discovering so much about what motivates him to try harder, work together and stay on task. He has an aptitude and love for music. It makes sense now why his other traditional therapeutic services fail to reach him on the level that music therapy achieves. The staff members at CNNH are unparalleled in their professionalism and passion to see our children succeed. I searched for a long time to find a place like this for my children. It’s a rare organization that can boast of such a dynamic clinicians and diverse services!

— Jacqui E. from Philadelphia

We had a feeling that music might be a link for our son to the “real world” because most of his spoken words have been songs he has heard. It wasn’t until his first independent request was made using a made-up chant from his music therapist that we realized how powerful the connection really was for him. We would never have thought to sing our instruction. And the best part?…he sings back the answer!

— Maryanne T. from Laurel Springs

When we first came in, we were desperate and didn’t really know what was going on with her. My daughter joined the DREAM Girls creative movement class to help her strengthen her social anxiety skills and gain greater self-control and confidence. At first it was a challenge to get her to separate from me and join the group independently. By the third week I was in the waiting room while she was in class. She has made friends and looks forward to seeing them each week. She has gained improved communication skills with both adults and peers and can express herself in words rather than getting overwhelmed and frustrated. Our daughter is a different child: happy, social and successful!

— Nancy C. from Westmont

We brought our daughter to CNNH after many failed attempts at other types of therapy and she has attended every session of DREAM Girls creative movement class since that initial visit. She had never been a part of a group like this before and we were pleasantly surprised at what an integral part of her life it quickly became. DREAM Girls has made such an enormous impact, as a matter of fact, that our family and friends notice when there is a break in the schedule due to her anxiety level. In this group our daughter has been provided extraordinary support by helping her discover creative solutions for her social anxiety in a welcoming, non-judgmental and caring environment. We finally found a safe place for our daughter to freely share her feelings and struggles!

— Beth Ann G.

The staff at CNNH are so friendly and welcoming which really helps to ease any anxiety issues my son may have had when he started the LEGO® program. We are always kept well informed form the therapists about progress in the class and informed by the staff about any changes regarding CNNH … fantastic with communication! We have seen nothing but positive change in our son since he started the LEGO® program. His social skills have improved tremendously and his behaviors are almost non-existent. He has made some great friends as well.

— Wendi W.

My son is higher functioning, which makes it hard to find a group that fits his needs. However, he is thriving in the LEGO® program! I have seen great improvement in his communication and self-regulation skills and he loves coming here.

— Kenya W.

The CNNH team has provided our son with the skills to socialize more normally. He is learning how to control his impulses, play with others in a sharing, giving way, and understand why he has struggled in the past with friends. It has been difficult to find a program that contains high functioning children, and to incorporate Legos, was a huge bonus!

— Mindy D.

From the front desk to the behavioral therapists and neuropsychiatrists, you all deserve a pat on the back! During the time my daughter has been coming to CNNH, I’ve seen nothing but improvement.

— Suzanne K.

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