CNNH Stories: Evan H

When Evan’s son, Christopher, was born with multiple health issues, she felt that something wasn’t quite right. While he was eventually diagnosed with autism, she felt like there were other symptoms that did not quite fit his diagnosis. She could not get answers to her questions… until she came to CNNH NeuroHealth.

At CNNH, Christopher benefitted from “precision” or “personalized” medicine where the integrative clinical team – including a neurologist, genetics physician and behavior analyst – evaluated him separate from his diagnosis.

In this video, hear Evan explain how the clinical team’s “inquisitive refusal to give up” revealed new information about her son’s diagnosis and opened up treatment options for Christopher!

Facebook Live: Dr. Boles on Genetic Testing w/ MitoAction

In this recorded Facebook Live event from Dec 11th, 2018, hosted by MITOACTION (, renowned medical geneticist and Director of the CNNH NeuroGenomics program, Richard Boles, MD, discusses the many ways Genetic Testing and the field of NeuroGenomics can positively impact patients lives, whether it is working directly with the patient, or partnering with their primary care physician. Since this event was hosted by MitoAction, he also took time to highlight the relationship between Genetic Testing and Mitochondrial Disorders.

Introducing Dr. Boles is Dr. Pnina Mintz, Vice President of CNNH, who briefly takes the screen to answer questions about CNNH NeuroHealth, who we are and what we do.

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